Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Update From the Last Trip

Hey everybody,

A quick update on our trip this weekend to the Michael Trustee Camp. On the softball side we played 3 games against the inmate teams and were undefeated! We also played an exhibition game where we played ½ our team and ½ inmate team together. That was a lot of fun and gave us an opportunity to play alongside the prisoners. Overall it was a very successful trip for softball. We also had 3 first-timers and they played great. We hope to have Chris, Mark and Justin as regulars.

On the ministry side, David Hanley gave a great testimony about seeing God as a loving God instead of a harsh, disconnected God. It was really moving. We went through the Bad News/Good News tract and close to 10 guys raised their hands to make a decision! God is truly harvesting his fields and we are getting to participate. Jeff Coke gave a great message and testimony about having assurance of your salvation in the afternoon. It was really encouraging to believers who have doubts.

Our next trip is Sunday, May 23 to the Powledge Unit.

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