Thursday, May 19, 2011

Powledge Trip Report

Last Sunday (5/15) was our third trip of the season and our first to the Powledge Trusty camp. Usually we play inside at Powledge but when we arrived we learned that they were shorthanded on staff and we would be playing at the camp. As always, our team is very flexible and we pride ourselves on adapting to the situation (field, rules, weather, schedule, etc.).

We showed up and I think the camp was not expecting us. But they rounded up several teams quickly and we started playing after a short warmup. The first game was close until about the 4th inning when our bats came alive and we won the game soundly. The second game was a complete blow-out in which our team scored 21 runs in one inning, 12 of the runs on 2 outs. At this point, the trustees realized that we came to play! Highlights of the game included a monster bash by Mark Whiteland that cleared the power lines and landed in the road behind left field!

Before lunch, JD Weathers shared a devotional about Job and how God is bigger than our questions. Terry shared several experiences and the importance of a ticket when entering an event like a game or concert. He handed out a ticket that says “Reserved Seating Only, Paid in Full by Jesus Christ”. The guys always enjoy something of their own that they can hold and read. We then talked about how Jesus is our ticket to eternity and without Him then we will be separated from God.

After our lunch of bean burritos, we went back out and played 3 more games. In the last game of the day, we were down by 5 runs in the last inning. They thought they had us beat, but we exploded for 10 runs. We finished the day 5-0.

To end the day, Scott Cottingham shared the Scriptures in Acts where Paul and Silas were praising God in prison. He talked about the difference that Paul and Silas had in the jailers life by their example of praise to God during awful conditions. Chad then followed up with the Good News, Bad News handout and went through a Gospel presentation. We ended the day with a Family prayer for the guys and their families.

Once again, it was a great trip and we believe God’s word never returns void. I would ask for prayer for the camp. We all felt that the inmates were not as receptive as normal. Please pray for God’s light to enter that place and for his hope to touch men there.

Josh Gentry

Monday, May 9, 2011

Next Trip is this Sunday (May 15th)

Our next trip is set for Sunday, May 15 to the Powledge unit.

As usual, we will have our prayer/planning meeting on Thursday night at 6:30pm at Brunos. Try to make it if you can so we can pray together as a team.